Who made all this amazingness?
P R O D U C E R / E D I T O R
Came up with the idea of making a series
Green was the person that pretty much came up with the idea of making a high-school romance series. Although he's not in charge of actual production (e.g. animating), he still scripts the series with Drei and also updates this website every now and then. Hi, me!
Although he isn't a popular GachaTuber like Summer and Drei, he also has some interesting things he does when he's not working on High School Diaries. He is the founder of NeoSoft, and works on his bot Nevira.

btw, if this website is not working as intended, hes the one to blame or you just have a really bad device
A N I M A T O R / E D I T O R
Sxmmerly Meadxws
The girl behind the animation and stuff
Sxmmerly (aka Summer, Summerly, Natsumi) is a GachaTuber with about 37,600 subscribers. She takes the story Green and Drei scripts, and puts it all together into an episode of High School Diaries, which is uploaded to her youtube channel. When she's not uploading High School Diaries episodes, she usually uploads memes and relatable videos to her YouTube channel. She also likes changing her profile like every two days or so, so don't expect the profile pic on this website to be up-to-date.
S C R I P T E R / M A R K E T I N G
Drei Lyrics
Creative scripter and series promoter
Drei is a GachaTuber with just a bit over 4,500 subscribers. He takes care of scripting the story with Green, and promotes the series to other places as well so everyone can enjoy this amazing masterpiece we're working on. He usually uploads memes, GCMVs and lyric videos to his YouTube channel.
A N D  M O S T  I M P O R T A N T L Y
You, the community
You're a part of it, too! And we're so grateful for it.
We may know who you are if you tell us, or we may not know who you are since this website doesn't have cookies to track you. But whoever you are, you're amazing. By being a part of this amazing adventure, you provide us (the creators) with invaluable support, and you help us grow. We just can't thank you all enough for all this. You were what helped us get this far, and we'll never forget the support you gave us. ❤️